Improve your Hashtags with Google Trends

Kayleigh James

Kayleigh James

Owner - BOLD Marketing UK

improve hashtags with google trends

Improving your Hashtags with Google Trends

Hashtags are something that have become part and parcel of social media posts. Whilst you may understand what they are, the chances are that you may not know exactly which hashtags are suitable for your brand, your audience and what you are trying to promote to those followers.

The thing to remember about hashtags is that they are what you make them. So, to learn more about making them work for you, let’s take a look at how you can improve them the best you can.

Why are hashtags so useful?

Before we delve into more information about using hashtags for business and making them work for you, it seems fitting that we learn more about hashtags. So, what is the purpose of a hashtag?

The idea of a hashtag is that it is a phrase or word that links any social media content that you post (this could be content, images or videos) to a particular topic. Hashtags can be whatever phrase, word or term you want them to be; however, you need to be aware of which hashtags will work best for your brand, your content, and the people you are trying to appeal to.

If you do get hashtags right, then it should really help with your social media posts; it is thought that on Instagram, a post that has at least one hashtag will, on average, get 12.6% more engagement than a post without.

How does Google Trends help with your hashtags?

Thinking that you want to give hashtags a go? Not sure how to make the most of them? Here is how you can use Google Trends to help ensure that you get the maximum exposure with every hashtag you may want to use.

Google Trends is a website that helps to show how popular specific search queries are. It will give you graphs that compare the search volume that each query has, allowing you to think about which one will be right for you.

This is the primary way that Google Trends can help you when it comes to using hashtags. It shows you the terms, keywords, and phrases you can use and how well they are likely to perform. The differences may be much subtler than you realise; however, despite the fact that they have minimal differences visible, they could actually end up having a much bigger (or smaller) impact on how well your post performs.

What else can Google Trends do?

Whilst Google Trends can have a hugely beneficial impact on your hashtags, there are other things that It can do to help. It does this because it allows you to search for your brand name or your brand tagline and see how well it is performing in the world of social media.

You can also use it to help you target your own marketing efforts as a whole, as it shows you the type of things people are viewing on social media. This will then help you figure out whether or not the time has come to expand your product catalogue or offer up a new service to your customers.

Finally, you can also use Google Trends to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. If you know what type of things they are promoting, what kind of views are they getting. Then, you can learn more about what things you could change for your brand.

Hashtags are beneficial to your business, even more so if you manage to get them right. So, learn more about the hashtags that will work best for your brand and see where they can take you.


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