The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Kayleigh James

Kayleigh James

Owner - BOLD Marketing UK

Social Media Marketing

The importance of Social Media Marketing cannot be underestimated in reinforcing customer confidence on the User Journey.

When it comes to marketing your brand, there are a variety of options that you can consider. It can feel overwhelming with so many choices to make; however, it is no secret that those in the know always recommend social media marketing. 

But why is this? Why are you so often told that using social media for business is a good idea for you? There are several reasons for this, so why not learn more about the impact of social media marketing on business and what it could do for you. 

It shares useful information 

It is a common misconception that social media posts are not that useful. In actual fact, sharing information and promoting your business on social media could be more beneficial than you realise. In fact, of the people who follow your brand on social media 57% will be doing so to learn about new products that you may have coming out or new services that you may offer, and 47% will follow you to stay in the loop with the latest news about your company. 

As well as this, 54% of social media users will use it to research products they plan to buy in the future. 

You can use it for reinforcing customer confidence

For customers to want to buy from you or use the services you offer, they need to have confidence in you and what you can do. It can be hard to ensure that your customers are confident in what you offer, but social media is a great way to reinforce customer confidence. 

Not only is it because you are posting on social media, showing that you are an active brand. Previous customers can also use social media to leave reviews on the service they have received from you, showing prospective customers what they can expect. 

To increase brand awareness

Without awareness of your brand, you will never get the amount of interest (and hopefully sales) that you need for your business to be a success. There are several ways to increase brand awareness; however, none are as helpful as social media. 

There are many reasons for this. Social media is frequently engaged with, which will increase the number of people likely to see your brand there. As well as this, social media posts are also easy enough to share. You may see something that you not only will you find interesting or valuable. But you may also want to share then information about that brand, product, or service to other people you think might be helpful. 

Now you know more about the importance of social media in business. The time has come to try it out for yourself. After all, you never know how useful social media can be until you try it out for yourself. 


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