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3 Instagram Growth Hacks You Need To Know About

Kayleigh James

Kayleigh James

Owner - BOLD Marketing UK

Instagram growth hacks

Instagram Growth Hacks

If you’re looking to build your brand in 2023, you’ll know that social media is a great place to start. Perhaps you’ve set up an Instagram account, but you’re struggling to get those all-important followers. After all, it’s not an easy business. With some 1.2 billion active users and millions of posts going out each day, grabbing the attention of your target audience is no picnic.

However, you can do certain things to increase your following and reach your target market. Let’s take a look at some Instagram growth hacks for your 2023 marketing efforts.

Use Quotes From Famous Personalities or Influencers

Instagram is widely used by celebrities and those who may have clout in your field, so lifting some of their pertinent quotes and citing them with your content can help you attract your target audience. Be sure to verify the quote and credit it in your post (preferably with a tag so that you can give them some free exposure), and ensure it relates to something you have to say as a business.

If your company provides renewable energy, for example, you might use an appropriate quote from Greta Thunburg, Lizzie Carr or Marcus Butler to highlight how your firm is helping to stave off climate change with its products.

Quote from: Greta Thunburg

Talk About Important Issues

For Gen Z in particular, issues such as equality and climate change are important. You could use some of your posts to highlight current issues without trying to add an upsell on the end. If users see that your brand stands for something and advocates for change, they will be more likely to buy into it. Rapanui Clothing is a great example of a brand that supports a cleaner environment not just through its products but through its general messaging as well.

Start conversations

One of the best ways to engage your community is to start conversations. People like to share their views and opinions, and encouraging that gives users a platform to express themselves. Of course, moderation is important, as some topics cause emotions to run high, but giving your followers a say can be hugely beneficial. You might, for example, uncover issues they would like to see a solution for – a solution that your company might be able to provide. Or they may express preferences that you can leverage when marketing to them or people like them.

Grow Your Instagram Presence

If you’re using Instagram for business, but you’re not sure where to take your account this year, chat with Bold Marketing today. We specialise in social media management and Instagram marketing, and can help you increase your following and take advantage of new opportunitie


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