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Do you need a new Logo?

Making a good first impression is vital for any business, but how do you do this online? Ensuring your brand is eye-catching and visual can help you stand out from your competitors. Being consistent and using appealing stimuli can act as a tool which can encourage customer engagement, reduce your website bounce rate and help generate conversions.

What can you offer customers? How do your services or brand experience compare with your competition? What do customers get from your business that they can’t get anywhere else? Is your brand aesthetic consistent with your Company ethos and products?

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BOLD Marketing excel at helping you develop your brand and watching it grow. With a little help and input from you regarding preferences, business ethos and product or service provision, we can work together to produce a design options that can be used on a variety of media – digital, stationary or apparel.

  • Impactful logo design
  • Visually powerful Social Posts that align with your brand
  • Impactful Instagram story images
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand strategy
  • Lasting Impression

Our Branding process involves extensive research into your business, your competitors, your market and your goals — before we even start work to  develop your brand story and voice.


Take your branding to the next level – less is very often more, but sometimes you need the colour to jump from the screen. Start the new chapter in your Branding Story by getting in touch today.

The colours you use matters

Your brand recognition can increase around 80% when you use a signature colour