.. FAQ – answered

Can we meet to discuss proposals?

Yes, we are always happy to arrange a virtual meeting, and you can keep up-to-date via your Client Portal, request changes or start a new promotion.

Do you design websites?

Yes, as well as content, we can normally do minor functional and design changes within your SEO Membership Subscription. However, we can also completely redesign your website, or publish a new one for which we would give you an estimated cost before we start.

Do I have to have a monthly Subscription?

No, you can engage us for ad-hoc work on a bespoke, pre-agreed estimate, however, we consider that a subscription offers much better, long-term value for money.
Get in touch for more information and an estimate.

How can you measure traffic to my site?

We will add a short bit code to your website that will allow us to see visits to your site, visitors navigation habits, how long people stay and when and where they leave.

How can I contact you?

We will build a custom portal for you based on your marketing requirements, allowing you to upload, view, approve and interact with us without taking too much of your time. However, sometimes we'll need to chat, which we'd encourage - just give us a call.

What is Digital Marketing?

Back in the day, people searched Classified Ads in newspapers and directories to find products and services. The biggest, best placed and most expensive advert generally received the most attention. Advertising is now predominately digital, with around 81% of people searching online for a product or service, we help your Digital Marketing get noticed by your target demographic.

We regularly update the FAQ page, however, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.